So, after much procrastination I have finally entered the blogging world. Without doubt this will largely be made up of incoherent ramblings on a variety of unrelated topics. In my opinion, a blog is best seen as a diary, so that is what this will be. I will use it to record my passions, ideas and experiences so I can look back in years to come and remember and appreciate the view of the world I hold today. Many posts will take an abstract form, a space as public as this does not deserve much intimacy, but I am looking forward to gaining a new release for my thoughts and the opportunity to ground develop and further understand myself and my own opinions.

Where I am interested to extend my knowledge of web 2.0 through direct experience, I am still not sure if I am happy to be giving any more of my time to a computer screen. I would much rather be using this time to engage in real life, but as my course dictates a need to understand this new and isolated digital world, i suppose I should give it a go.


~ by Vicky on October 15, 2009.

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