Conversational Marketing

I am at that point in my uni career that every undergrad dreads… the dissertation. So far it has lived up to it’s hype, and I admit to have found it a struggle to find an appropriate direction and feel comfortable with the sheer size of the project. Now I have finally defined my area however, the work is actually starting to really interest me and I find myself relatively enjoying learning about my chosen subject -conversational marketing! Since beginning my course (Advertising and Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University) I have been very interested in digital and the future of the industry. I feel very lucky to be entering at what I perceive as a revolutionary time, where control is shifting from the brand, back to it’s rightful place with the consumer. Engaging consumers is now so much more exciting, with a need to create meaningful and honest content that has the power to spark the imagination and pull people toward it. I wanted to study a new area of engagement for my dissertation and felt sponsored / incentivized conversation would prove to be incredibly interesting and insightful – and it hasn’t disappointed me so far. To try and harness the exhaustive power of WOM is difficult but necessary for brands today and I am definitely of the belief they should be involved in the conversations happening online concerning them and their industries. It is a daunting endeavor for brands but the levels of uncertainty, risk and freedom is exciting to me and something I would love to be involved in developing in the early part of my career. There is a great deal of online debate surrounding this area, focusing largely on ethical implications and consumer protection, and the blogosphere is rife with polarised and passionate declarations of a set positions to which there seems to be little in between. This is fantastic for me as I am learning all the time and my views are constantly challenged, allowing me to keep an objective view of the phenomena. I am uncertain which direction my research will take and what outcome I will arrive at, and this draws me deeper into the subject everyday. I do have to make sure I stop somewhere and start writing though, my reading at this rate could go on forever!


~ by Vicky on December 20, 2009.

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