Social Influence Marketing

With the online world becoming a primary destination for entertainment, information and communication, it is no wonder brands want to be involved. Social influence marketing is the way I believe marketers should evolve their communication to this arena.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, consumers trust other consumers and appreciate the honest and open opinions they can receive online. Attracting the attention of those opinion formers at the forefront of conversation and creating a buzz that can carry through their network is, I believe, one of the best ways to reach people in todays market – so long as it is done ethically of course.

As opposed to traditional media, who favoured the blanket approach of reaching as many members of their target population as possible, I believe it is now much more important to communicate directly with opinion leaders and social influencers, introduce them to the benefits of your product or service and it’s online presence, and let them spread the word. Consider it the “Science of the network” It is better to reach the right 10,000 people than the wrong 1,000,000 people as people are becoming increasingly sceptical of corporate communication as human interaction becomes more widely available.

why not grant unique access to new branded platforms or disseminate little known information to those with heavy influence and let them generate excitement for it’s full release. Films could show early bird previews of trailers or fashion designers could announce auctions or sales on items. Hearing information through the grapevine sparks interest, encourages people to find out more and fires desire. Capturing people online means they have a mass information source at their finger tips and brands should make use of that.

I think the google wave launch was a brilliant example of creating effective buzz. Giving out invitations to a select few had the whole blogosphere and twitterverse talking. Everyone wanted to be involved and try the technology out for themselves but they had to wait… And so they solicited opinion formers and those in the know in the hope of receiving an invitation from them or someone else who might recognise their interest and deem them worthy. Great for Google, through all these conversations and searches they were learning more and more about wave, and at a small cost to the brand. Even those who weren’t chasing an invite were aware of their presence. The quest became a game, and in the digital world people like to play. Good job Google, what better way to reach your target audience. I can’t think of another medium that would have created the same effect.


~ by Vicky on December 29, 2009.

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