Dissertation Blues

I have always had a habit of setting myself tasks that are far too challenging…. And my dissertation topic is definitely one of those challenges I perhaps should have given  little more consideration to before embarking upon. If anyone out there in blog land knows of any Bloggers who use sponsored conversation on their site, and would be happy to post a link to my survey I would be eternally grateful. I only need 100 responses, a small amount you would think in a blogosphere so big, however I am currently stuck at 20, with little movement at all.

I am determined to do well in this dissertation, my degree means so much to me but this is becoming stressful above and beyond that which I had expected! Any help or direction anyone could offer would be highly appreciated!

Thanks all. xx


~ by Vicky on February 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dissertation Blues”

  1. i just invited a couple of my friends who I know do paid posts to come check out this post, and I am writing my post as we speak so hopefully some of my readers will respond to you.

  2. I also have access to the PayPerPost bloggers forum and could put an invitation of there for you to get blogs to sign up, but you could get flooded with a ton of low page rank splogs, which would probably take way too long to sort!

    You might, however, consider contacting IZEA for help: http://izea.com/contact-us/

  3. I’m here from Quilly. If just begun doing sponsered posts. I’ll help if i can. Let me know.

    A New Old Fairy Tale

  4. Hi Quilly!
    Thank you, i have started having the responses come in already 🙂
    And Nessa, that is lovely of you thank you! I’ll take a look at your blog now

    Thank you both for your responses! Dissertation is a crazy stressful time!


  5. I can’t figure out how to do your survey but I would surely be willing to help. I taught Business Law, Entrepreneurship, and Intro to Business courses for 22 years. Students need support on their project, I know. ;-0

  6. Hi Jim,

    Does this link work? http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB22A7MADG35S

    Thank you for your kind message, it definitely is a stressful time! I tend to let myself get more stressed than necessary, i’m quite the perfectionist 🙂


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