Copy Cat Advertising

This summer I spent 8 weeks at an ad agency called Designate (they specialise in tourism brands) working closely with the Nielson team

The creative concept they were going for at the time was “Meet someone new on holiday – You

Now I went up to London recently to visit one of my old housemates, and spotted this at Waterloo station:

Look similar at all? Near identical I’d say! Not at all good for brand identity!

And that isn’t the only example of campaign plagerism I have spotted either, Designate sent me over to France on a P&O Familiarisation trip, and while i was there I spotted this in a Walmart (I’m sure it was Walmart?) carpark:

Now cast your eye over this work for WWF, one of my all time favourite campaigns – and probably the reason why the former ad caught my eye, notice anything familiar?

Identical concept yet again (although WWF clearly have the edge). Makes you wonder if the different brands were unaware of the existence of the other campaigns when they created their work, or whether it was an intentional rip off – after all the Nielson and WWF work both came first and, in my opinion, both are exceedingly better executions. What do you think?

Has anyone else found any similar campaigns they would like to share? Post them up.


~ by Vicky on February 12, 2010.

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