Marketing Conference; 18/03/2010

Back in December, this leaflet fell out of my copy of Campaign. ‘Cut through to today’s ever-changing tech-savvy students’ Well I fit that bracket right? So i read on…

12.35    Students tell you the channels they use, how they buy, what brands should and shouldn’t do…it goes on. But they need something back! Bring your incentives, offers and discounts and give students something for their insight. They might
even give some to their friends…

Well anyone that knows me, knows I’m not one to let an opportunity slide, they need tech savvy students, I need a foot in the door, surely a match made in heaven! I rang James Bogle, the events co-ordinator at Haymarket, and luckily he hadn’t arranged a student panel, I eagerly put myself forward and he actually said yes! I can’t say I was expecting it, but it just shows, if you don’t ask you never get!

The conference was yesterday and myself and my housemate went up to London together to attend. The whole day proved to be a great networking experience, and gave us the unique opportunity to hear first hand of brands successes, and in many cases  challenges and failures in using social media, something we simply don’t learn enough about on our course. STA in particular gave a very interesting presentation. I was already familiar with much of their social media work following the best practice report I created for Designate, and have always admired what they do. Hearing directly the process and the background to implementing the campaign, and the different routes taken to make the space successful was hugely insightful, and I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to hear such accounts.

To top the day off, James asked me to sit on one of the panels after one of the speakers dropped out! Wow… It’s not everyday you find yourself speaking at a conference in London surrounded by representatives from some of Britain’s biggest brands! It was incredible to be asked, and as a student – the focus of the days discussion – I had several questions directed at me. I really hope I was able in that sense to bring something of value to the day, as well as receiving such a lot myself, and hopefully I have made some strong contacts for the future.


~ by Vicky on March 19, 2010.

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