Tails for Whales

While procrastinating around IMS revision (not really too sure what it is I’m supposed to be looking at so seeing as this constitutes  interactive advertising, we’ll argue I’m doing the right thing…) I stumbled across this pretty cool social media campaign; Tails for Whales, inviting people to pledge their support for saving the whale. Check out the site.

Throughout the year myself and bubblewrap spent a great deal of time brainstorming ideas that could effectively bring people together around our environmental campaign / social change movement, and all recognised the huge value in participation and reward. We toyed with the idea of introducing an interactive element into our campaign similar to the video (click the link) below, inviting people to be part of the communication. We felt it would be powerful on billboards – either static or digital – in the feedback stage of our campaign in order to both thank people for their engagement and show that others are involved, introducing an aspect of social pressure and call for conformity.

Lily Allen “The Fear.” mk II from phil tidy on Vimeo.

It seems we were not the only ones to think it a nice idea however, and the tails for whales have produced a cool version of exactly what we had in mind! It’s the kind of campaign I really appreciate, and if executed properly can really work well.


~ by Vicky on May 3, 2010.

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